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WWTA Meeting – Wed Oct 17 @ 9:15am

The head of WWTA in recent News 3 Interview pretty much said it’s a done deal. He thinks everyone just has to take it, lets show him otherwise!

WWTA still has to get County Commissioner Approval and RPA Approval
(However the RPA appears to have some issues and should be investigated by TBI/FBI).


Wednesday, October 17:
9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Ooltewah Council Meeting:
Cambridge Square
9454 Bradmore Lane
Ooltewah, TN 37363
2nd Floor above Davis Waynes


Graphic: RPA & WWTA Conflicts of Interest

The following illustration breaks down who is on the WWTA and RPA and what they do and their relationships based on press release, state records, tax records and more. There is additional information coming on properties in Ooltewah being held as “Option” with developers on the building of the Sewer Treatment Plant. More to come!

It’s time for the TBI & FBI to investigate these relationships with county oversight agencies. There should be clear rules in the bylaws for the organizations to allow this type of breach of public trust.

Citizens should demand these individuals be removed from the WWTA & RPA immediately with the Mayor Coppinger!




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WWTA Funding Denied – Step 1

WWTA is denied funding for the new sewer plant. Commissioners said they were “blind-sided” by WWTAs actions.

The next step is a public hearing scheduled for:

Community Meeting:
Oct. 11th from 5:30-7:00pm
Fire Hall Training Center
9100 Snow hill road.

Ooltewah, TN Article

Audio of Meeting: LISTEN HERE

County Commission Denies Funding To WWTA For Sewage Treatment Plant Site


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Mike Moon and Mark Harrison of the WWTA address the County Commission
Mike Moon and Mark Harrison of the WWTA address the County Commission

The County Commission, facing an overflow crowd in opposition, on Wednesday voted 6-0 to deny funds for a sewage treatment plant site.

Commissioners and residents hit the process the Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority (WWTA) went about pursuing the site at 7800 Mahan Gap Road.

Commissioners said they got little information about the project prior to being asked for a vote to spend $3 million to acquire a 178-acre site.

Residents also said they should have been allowed for full input and been given complete information.

WWTA officials said the commission action would have only been the first step in the process and there would have been full discussion and disclosure at meetings at the planning commission and at public hearings required by the EPA and TDEC.

Mark Harrison, WWTA director, said the site was an excellent location for the plant to cover a 20,000-acre section.  He said the WWTA is already at capacity on sewage it can send to Moccasin Bend Sewage Treatment Plant.

He also said that this site could be served by gravity feed, which he said would help curb odors that are more prevalent with pump stations.  He said the county landfill would not work for the plant because of its steep topography.

Mr. Harrison said the plant might also hold effluent from Meigs County and Bradley County. Mr. Harrison said the Moccasin Bend Plant has a capacity of treating 230 million gallons per day, and this plant would be 10 million gallons per day.

He said the effluent would not go into Savannah Bay, but would be released in the Tennessee River across from the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant.

The County Commission earlier approved $45 million for a new sewage treatment plant for the growing Ooltewah area.

Voting against the resolution were Chairman Sabrina Smedley, Vice Chairman Randy Fairbanks and Commissioners Katherlyn Geter, David Sharpe, Greg Martin and Chester Bankston.  Absent were Chip Baker and Warren Mackey.  Tim Boyd was present at the start of the meeting, but left by the time of the vote.

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WWTA Response

The WWTA has issue media response. This is typical spin, no plans of changing their direction/decision. There are numerous sites along the river the facility can be located.
WWTA Response:

Thank you for reaching out to us about the proposed North Hamilton Wastewater Treatment Plant.  We are posting answers to frequently asked questions on our Facebook page.  As additional questions are asked, those will be added as well.  We will also be posting all media coverage there. We hope this is helpful to you and again, appreciate your concerns.

Sent on behalf of WWTA Chair Mike Moon.

Thank you.

Natasha E. Long

WWTA Administrative Coordinator

Hamilton County Water & Wastewater Treatment Authority

1250 Market Street, Suite 3050

Chattanooga, TN 37402

Tel. (423) 209-7842

Fax (423)-209-7843

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CALL TO ACTION: POOP Factory County Commission Voting on 2.6MM Wed

The Hamilton County Commission will VOTE Wed Morning 10/3/18 at 9am on RESOLUTION to purchase the land for 2.6MM in Ooltewah on Savannah & Wolfteaver Creek Marsh/Wildlife area. We need everyone to call/email the Country Commissioners and REQUEST they vote NO on resolution until WWTA finds NEW Location on the TN River.

Also, please ATTEND the meeting at the County Commission Chamber downtown Country Court House.

Res. No. 1018-14

A Resolution approving an Interlocal Agreement between the Hamilton County Water and Wastewater Treatment Authority and Hamilton County relative to the purchase of property for the North Ooltewah Treatment Facility from bond proceeds.

Hamilton Commissioner Email/Phone:

Randy Fairbanks – District 1 –
Chip Baker – District 2 –
Greg Martin – District 3 –
Warren Mackey – District 4 –
Katherlyn Geter – District 5 –
David Sharpe – District 6 –
Sabrena Smedley – District 7 –
Tim Boyd – District 8 –
Chester Bankston – District 9 –

Phone for everyone:

Stay up to date on Website, Facebook, Twitter:


Something REALLY STINKS!  WWTA is planning to locate new SEWAGE treatment plant in the heart of Ooltewah, killing property values, impacting the ecology and just stinking up the community.

Property Sell: Danna Smith McWilliams for $2.6MM on 7800 Mahan Gap Road for SEWAGE Plant

The plant should be located at the old Birchwood dump site or up by Highway 60 on the River where water is moving.

Call to Action:

Call the following people and tell them NO and MOVE the site. This WILL BE a future ELECTION ISSUE. Hamilton County can re-purpose the 2.5MM purchase into a NEW PARK in the North End of the county which citizens need as we grow, like Heritage Park in East Brainerd.

WWTA Call to Action:
Email to:

Mark Harrison – Executive Chair
UTC Professor
423-425-4020 (Direct)
423-209-7842 (WWTA)

Mike Moon – Chairmen of the Board WWTA
Moon Building & Development – Residential Construction Builder
(Seems like a conflict of interest being on the board that installs sewers to increase developer construction?)

Hamilton County Commissioners:
Jim Coppenger –
(423) 209-6101 (Phone)

Chester Bankston:
Phone: (423) 667-7280

Tim Boyd:
Phone: (423) 209-7200

Planning Commission Members (Coming Soon)!!!

Environmental Impact (ENDANGERED): 

The proposed location is a BIG ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT on a cove of Savannah and Wolftever Creek surrounded by neighborhoods. This water is static and any runoff will increase nitrogen in the water causing fish kill and other ecological disasters. This water level is not year round but seasonal. Any contaminates would concentrate in the bay and not disperse compared to the river.  We have a number of endangered mussels, turtles, sturgeon nest, etc more.

Article: Fours Endangered Mussels Species Live in the Muddy Bottom
Article: Tennessean Report on Threat to Biodiversity

Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Research Institute


There is not much to say about how BAD it smells, take a Sunday drive to WWTA Moccasin Bend Treatment Facility. The pumping stations throughout the county reek with odor. We are coining a new phrase “Smell Something / Say Something”, usually when the creeks overflow and the raw sewage flows into the water ways at Hampton Creek, Cracker Barrel and probably others. If you smell it, tell it – contact the groups below to report on WWTA’s mismanagement of pumping stations.

Contact the EPA – RAW Sewage Reporting

Contact TDEC – RAW Sewage into Waterways

Health Impacts:

The health of residents is UPMOST importance in the areas surrounding facility including swimmers and boaters that use the lake for recreational enjoyment just next to the proposed location. The concentration of contaminates in static water could lead to blooms of flesh eating bacteria, e coli, and other pathogens.

Impact of a Sewage Treatment Plant on Health of Local Residents: Gastrointestinal System Symptoms

Financial Impacts:

The Financial, Social & Environmental Impact of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Next Steps: 

We will be ramping up the campaign, if there is NO COURSE REVERSAL by WWTA, pulling in all Board Members, including outside groups and looking into further legislative actions, including their bond for building this facility. This WILL BE a costly endeavor.

We are investigating a LEGAL FUND with Go-FundMe and speaking with a number of Environmental and Federal Lawyers on the matter.


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